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Companies in all industries are increasingly relying on the web as a means of attracting and servicing their customers. Location is no longer a barrier to securing business – and as well as opening up a world of opportunities, today’s tech-driven economy has made it possible for teams in all sectors to access talent that would otherwise be out of their reach.

Thanks to the adoption of web-based communication tools and the shift towards remote working, partnering with a virtual CFO has become a viable option for business leaders that would otherwise be restricted to hiring a financial professional by their location.

Working with a virtual finance director is just as effective as bringing an FD in-house. What’s more, you can avoid the many overheads involved in hiring a full-time employee and choose instead to work with your online CFO on your own terms, within your fiscal means.

The benefits of working with a virtual CFO

Access specialist financial
Build your own support
Outsource time-consuming
financial tasks
Scale your CFO’s input as
No training or orientation
Save on hiring and operational
  • I have worked with Russell for many years and he has always been extremely conscientious and thorough. He has a wealth of experience and expertise that goes well beyond the financial. He is very commercial, adds significant value to his clients and a great person with whom to do business.
    — Rachel Nutt, Board Member and Tax Partner – MHA MacIntyre Hudson, Northamptonshire

How can we help?

Though they can of course take on any and all finance-related tasks within your business, our part-time FDs are capable of delivering much more than your standard bookkeeping or accounting services. Our finance directors can assist with:

Bookkeeping and accounting

We’ll optimise processes and manage your accounting function, be it in house or outsourced.

Defining financial objectives

We’ll help you choose the right KPIs to measure your financial success.

Interpreting monthly management accounts

We’ll give you regular snapshots into the financial health of your business.

Managing cash flow

We’ll monitor all movements, including your monthly income and expenditure.

Producing budgets and forecasts

We’ll deliver realistic estimates to help you plan for your financial future.

Mitigating financial risk

Covers a range of disciplines, from cost benefit analyses to full contingency planning.

Tax planning

Get help optimising your tax strategy and meeting all mandatory deadlines.

Working closely with tax advisors

We’ll make sure your company and stakeholders are maximising tax breaks.

Liaising with advisors, banks and auditors

Our virtual CFOs will manage all communications on your behalf.

Strategic financial planning

We’ll implement the right plans and systems for the best possible outcome.

Managing stakeholder relations

We’re highly adept at maintaining and strengthening key relationships.

Participating in board meetings

We’ll strengthen your board’s understanding of your company’s financial position.

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